By Suneesh Sundar | October 8 , 2019 | 01

MoHRE launches many awareness campaigns to educate labourers about their rights. One of these campaigns was initiated under the slogan ‘Know your rights’. The campaign communicated the following messages to workers:

  • You are entitled to keep possession of all your personal identification documents once your residency permit is issued
  • If you are asked to sign a contract with terms and conditions which are different from MoHRE’s standard contracts, report immediately to the nearest labour office even if you are advised that the changes are of advantage to you, as contract substitution is illegal
  • If your employer fails to present you with a contract or provide you with work, MoHRE will assist you in finding alternative employment
  • If your employer fails to present you with a work contract within one week of your arrival, report to the nearest labour office
  • To avoid violating the law, do not accept other employment without first reporting to the Labour Office at MoHRE
  • UAE law requires your employer to pay the costs of the issuance of an entry visa and travel to the UAE, and the costs of post arrival processing requirements such as medical tests in the UAE and the issuance of your Residency Permit
  • Your contract must match your job offer and you should keep a copy of your signed contract
  • You have the right to leave your job at any time, but be aware of your contractual obligations
  • The termination of your contract can be ended by the employer or the employee and it can be by mutual consent
  • It is important for employees to follow the required legal steps for terminating a contract as the Labour Office can help recover any dues that are owed to the employee and arrange placement in alternative employment if eligible to obtain a new work permit

By Suneesh Sundar | June 6 , 2019 | 01

The General Pension and Social Security Authority announced that the Private, as well as Government Sector companies, must register their employees who are Emirati. Subject to the provisions of the Federal Law No. 07 of 1999 on Pension and Social Security for registering the employees with the GPSSA, it is mandatory for registering for all the UAE nationals, except for military retirees employed in Public and private sectors. The employee has to verify and make sure that the registration procedures have been done with the Authority. In the case of non-registration, the employee has to contact GPSSA to make sure that the rights of him and his families are protected adequately. It was also declared that the authority should reach out to the HR departments throughout the government and private companies.

It is mandatory for the UAE national who are aged between 18 to 60 to get registered with the General Pension and Social Security Authority. They have to provide the GPSSA with a medical report that is duly issued by the certified medical centers. These reports act as evidence of them to be physically fit for employment.

The authority has always stressed that obtaining the social security coverage for all of the UAE nationals who work across the United Arab Emirates, is mandatory by the prescribed law.


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