By Suneesh | June 6 , 2019 | 01

The General Pension and Social Security Authority announced that the Private, as well as Government Sector companies, must register their employees who are Emirati. Subject to the provisions of the Federal Law No. 07 of 1999 on Pension and Social Security for registering the employees with the GPSSA, it is mandatory for registering for all the UAE nationals, except for military retirees employed in Public and private sectors. The employee has to verify and make sure that the registration procedures have been done with the Authority. In the case of non-registration, the employee has to contact GPSSA to make sure that the rights of him and his families are protected adequately. It was also declared that the authority should reach out to the HR departments throughout the government and private companies.

It is mandatory for the UAE national who are aged between 18 to 60 to get registered with the General Pension and Social Security Authority. They have to provide the GPSSA with a medical report that is duly issued by the certified medical centers. These reports act as evidence of them to be physically fit for employment.

The authority has always stressed that obtaining the social security coverage for all of the UAE nationals who work across the United Arab Emirates, is mandatory by the prescribed law.

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